May 10, 2019

Highlights from New Food Conference-food trend

Last March, at the New Food conference in Berlin, scientists and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss the progress of clean meat and plant-based protein. Also present, were a number of newly formed food...


March 10, 2019

Taking inspiration from ‘Trash bag’ cooking

Sous vide is a new vocabulary that has made it into households recently. Even Marge Simpson has used sous vide, to ‘cook thanksgiving turkey in a trash bag’! (For the Simpsons’s fans, it’s...


March 8, 2019

From Japanese restaurant to Bioreactor Seaweed the versatile biomaterial

When I started my vegetarian diet some time ago due to personal reasons I initially found it hard to forget meat. I used to be a meat lover and eater, but my new vegetarian diet was not turning me...


March 6, 2019

Marmite The bread that saves animals

Seaweeds to most people are just the thing we wrap around sushi, with a fishy taste and an almost paper-like mouthfeel. When talking about seaweeds most people would categories them as Asian taste....