Film review - Dinner for few

Karen Hung • January 30, 2019

Film review - Dinner for few cover image

Not until recently I come across this award-winning short animation ‘Dinner for few’.

The producer Nassos Vakalis was inspired by the then Greek financial crisis and tried to reflect the unfairness of the current system via a sociopolital metaphor.

Artistic films like this are an interesting medium from which to convey subtle messages and if done well can have a profound effect on viewers. Not always do these messages correlate directly with the storytellers’ own thoughts and sometimes they leave room for audience interpretation. I in particular interpreted the film from my own perspective.

I immediately made a connection with what I saw happening on screen with exploitations of the global food system. Rich people indulged in food regardless of the cost to their environment but the poor could only have the leftovers. This exploitation caused disruptions of the food system and the environment, until a point food was not sustainable for none of the people. The cycle went on with the second generation and so on.

That is why we need new directions and a renewable source of food, to feed not only the rich but also the world population.

For those who are interested, please go check out their website