Month: December 2018


Christmas is coming: why is duck so tasty?

Duck has been a standard fixture on Christmas tables in Germany and across Central Europe for centuries. Some believe the tradition came from the celebration of Christmas Eve along with St. Martin’s Day where traditionally a geese dinner is served. Some say ducks and geese are a substitution of carp as they are also a […]


The 4th International Conference on Cultured Meat highlights (1): Insect meat

The 4th international conference on cultured meat was held in Maastricht, in the Netherlands between 2-4 December. Scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs were there to discuss tissue engineering, medium chemistry, bioreactor engineering, and other social science aspects. For those who missed the event, here are some highlights from the event. Nathalie Rubio from New Harvest talked […]


Imitation meat or innovation meat?

You walk into a sushi restaurant and order a California roll. While you appreciate the freshness of the cucumber, you also are delighted with the touch of umami from the crab stick. But is crab stick crab? Here is the truth: even though we call it crab stick, it contains no crab at all. It […]